High Temperatures Registered During Summer Days could be Dangerous for Pregnant Women

High Temperatures Registered During Summer Days could be Dangerous for Pregnant Women

Many people love summer, but when the temperatures are extreme, the hot and sticky weather can make anyone feel uncomfortable. Those who have some health issues go through a lot of trouble during summer days, but for pregnant women, this type of weather can be very risky.

Experts say that the main threat is dehydration. If mothers-to-be get too hot or don’t drink enough water they can face pregnancy complications. For this reason, pregnant women are advised to avoid every situation when their body might be affected by extreme heat and lose water.

Hyperthermia is dangerous especially in early pregnancy stages

One of doctors’ main concerns is hyperthermia, described as an abnormally high body temperature. If this happens in early stages of pregnancy, the risk of developing birth defects is considerably increased. If future mothers experience hyperthermia in their first six to eight weeks of pregnancy, babies might be born with defects of the brain or spinal cord, like Spina Bifida.

Hyperthermia can happen as a result of fever, exposure to very hot outside temperatures or because of spending more than 10 minutes in a tub with hot water. Avoid these factors in the first eight weeks of pregnancy and everything will go as it should.

Dehydration is another risk for pregnant women

During the pregnancy, fluids are handled differently and the temperature is controlled in a different matter inside a woman’s body. In this case, dehydration might occur more easily, especially during hot weather.

Dehydration’s symptoms are quite risky during pregnancy, as dizziness or light-headedness count among them. As you can imagine, the symptoms might cause the woman to fall. If this happens during the late second and early third trimester, complications like the loss of amniotic fluid can harm both the mother and the baby.

In addition, other effects like false contractions might be noticed and this would weaken the woman’s organism in a time when it needs all the strength. In order to prevent any inconvenience, pregnant women should avoid staying in the sun too long and the exposure to direct sunlight. Also, it is recommended that they drink 10-12 glasses of fluids/ day.


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