Heat Wave Temperatures Scare the US and Europe; Scientists Believe Climate Change is to Blame

Heat Wave Temperatures Scare the US and Europe; Scientists Believe Climate Change is to Blame

According to experts, the possibility of heat waves reaching the United States and Europe without climate change is “virtually impossible.” This is a very disturbing finding. The research was conducted by a group of climate experts that collaborated to investigate extreme weather and disseminate results regarding the influence that climate change plays in important occurrences as quickly as possible. The consequences are terrifying, yet we are well aware of their impact as we feel them tremendously.

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This is not the new normal as long as we keep burning fossil fuels. As long as we keep burning fossil fuels, we will see more and more of these extremes, stated Friederike Otto, a climate scientist at Imperial College London, who contributed to the new research.

According to a group of experts that examine the probability of severe weather occurrences, the heat waves that are concurrently broiling the southwestern United States and southern Europe would have proved to be “virtually impossible” if it weren’t for climate change.

Moreover, based on the National Weather Service’s findings, the heat wave that has been plaguing the southern United States for much of the month of July will soon spread to cover the majority of the country.

According to the research, the frequency of extreme temperatures has increased so significantly as a result of global warming that heat waves are as powerful as the ones that set records in regions like Phoenix and Catalonia. In China’s Xinjiang province, this July is likely to be projected once every 15 years in the United States, once every 10 in southern Europe, and once every five in China.

The recent research, though, also discusses how heat has been cited as the cause of record-breaking power consumption in China, outages in the United States and Europe, crop losses or animal mortality in all three areas, and more.

The research offers a fresh illustration of how changes in the average temperature of the planet might pave the way for the emergence of novel and hazardous extremes. The scientists issued a warning that the extremes that were experienced this year are likely to become much more severe as long as people continue to generate gases that trap heat and as long as they stay dependent extensively on fossil fuels.


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