Hearing Loss Impacts Health and Mental Well-being, Shows New Study

Hearing Loss Impacts Health and Mental Well-being, Shows New Study

A healthier lifestyle includes the ability to connect to the world around you, which is why a new study conducted by Clear Living shows that hearing loss not only impacts people’s mental health, but also their lifestyle.

Conducted in 2019-2020 using a poll with answers from over 3,700 users, the expert healthcare and lifestyle site Clear Living has recently released their annual Impact of Hearing Loss on Mental Well-being and Lifestyle Study on their official website.

Study Reveals the Personal and Social Problems Caused by Hearing Loss

The study analyzed how hearing loss affected the participants of the survey, revealing that 89% of participants had social and personal problems because of their hearing loss. Meanwhile, 58% of participants stated their relationships suffered as well. However, 75% of the participants had concerns about buying a hearing aid.

Clear Living’s resident audiologist Dr. Lindsey Banks shares some of the issues families have when one of them has a decline in aural health:

“Many people avoid even getting a hearing test because they don’t want to be told they need hearing aids.”

She also explains why hearing is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle:

“We also know that when you have a hearing loss, you become less aware of your surroundings and are therefore more likely to suffer from imbalance. For example, your hearing contributes to your ability to tell what type of surface you are stepping on, along with your sense of touch and sight, giving a cue to the brain to steady your balance.”

89% Participants Socially and Personally Impacted by Hearing Loss

Only 11% of the survey participants cited health issues, while the rest of 89% cited personal and social problems as being the key impact.

‘Terribly. Can’t sleep. Relationship broken up,’ was one of the answers to the poll, while other participants said hearing loss has isolated them from the public place or caused them depression.

Aside from the frustration of not being part of a conversation or hearing others, the family and friends of those affected with hearing loss are also negatively impacted by this issue:

‘Horrible to have to yell and so sad for my father who lost the ability to play instruments and sing… that was his whole life.’

According to Dr. Lindsey Banks, the family of those with hearing loss are also negatively impacted:

“The spouse of the person with hearing loss can be negatively impacted, especially when the person with hearing loss does not seek help. They can get very frustrated by having to yell or repeat themselves, and may even act as the person’s “ears” or interpreter at doctor’s appointments, on phone calls, or in social situations. Their social life may also suffer as a result of their loved one choosing to avoid social activities because of their hearing loss, causing isolation not only for the person with hearing loss, but their spouse as well.”

Social life and watching TV were also cited as the main problems for those with hearing issues.

Afraid to Take the Hearing Test

The study shows that 75% of people with hearing loss were concerned about buying a hearing aid. Nearly half of the study participants claimed they were not sure how reliable the hearing aids were, while 37% of the participants were concerned about the cost of a hearing aid.

Moreover, 66% of the survey participants were afraid before taking a hearing test, thinking they may be confirmed with hearing loss, or worrying about the accuracy of the hearing exam. Dr. Lindsey Banks added that “many people avoid even getting a hearing test because they don’t want to be told they need hearing aids.”

However, some participants that chose to get a hearing aid are proof how much better life has become now that they can finally communicate with others:
“Hearing aids allow me to communicate with friends and family as well as work colleagues. Without hearing aids, life becomes isolated and lonely.”
“Hearing aids gave me my life back!”

The study also shows people how to protect their hearing and what other problems hearing loss causes. Learn more about the report and read it on https://www.clearliving.com/hearing/hearing-loss/health-lifestyle-impact/, which is annually updated with new data.


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