Healthy Body, Healthy Mind – Habits of the Brainy and the Beautiful

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind – Habits of the Brainy and the Beautiful

When it all boils down to it, some people just have it all. Bright eyes, flawless skin, a toned physique and brains to boot. What can us mere mortals learn from them? It seems that often brains and beauty really do go hand in hand; maybe the saying ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ has some truth to it.

Mix It Up

Whilst most of us know Miss Finland for her incredible beach body, she’s more than just a pretty face! Sara Chafak played one of the most viewed bluffs of all time at the European Poker Tour 2015. One of her secrets to keeping healthy is to mix the things that are good for her with the things she loves. Her poker playing allows her to explore her interest in psychology by trying to read and manipulate the other players whilst also keeping her brain active. Similarly, she eats a healthy diet of lean protein and salads for the most part, but will occasionally have an ‘all out’ junk food meal. It’s clear that achieving balance between naughty and nice is how Sara keeps herself at her best.


Photo: by Sara Chafak via Twitter

Caption: Sara looks stunning on the beach

Workouts that Work for You

Going on that morning run can often feel like a chore, but if you dread sweating it out in the gym, then Desi William’s words will be music to your ears. Desi truly is a renaissance woman, holding a doctorate, a degree in nutrition and a successful career as both a beauty queen and a television presenter. She believes that the key to productive exercise is finding something you really enjoy and sticking at it. For some people this may well be going for a morning run, but for others maybe it’s dancing along to the radio or finding balance at a hot yoga class.

Align Lifestyle and morals

Natalie Portman is one of the most glamorous women in Hollywood and with a Psychology Degree from Harvard, as well as the accolade of being the first person published in scientific journals to also win Best Actress, she is as bright as they come. Her secret to living happily and healthily focuses a lot around her lifestyle. A lifelong vegetarian, Natalie made the switch to a vegan diet nine years ago. This change allowed her to align her diet more closely with her beliefs that we shouldn’t cause any harm to other living beings. As well as living according to her morals, she also believes this diet keeps her skin clear and healthy, saying that eating dairy causes immediate flair ups.

Keep it Natural

Hugely successful actress and advocate for women’s rights across the globe, Emma Watson is the epitome of brains and beauty. Having studied at Oxford University and as the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, she is as switched on as they come. When it comes to fashion and beauty, she tries to live as sustainable a lifestyle as possible, championing a small but carefully selected wardrobe and in particular a chemical free skin care regime. She puts her glowing skin down to an 80/20 rule, where 80% of her products are chemical-free, the remaining 20%? It’s hard to find an all natural waterproof mascara!

Don’t Settle

With an IQ of 140, Shakira is a MENSA approved genius! Not only that, she is the fourth richest woman in music, the founder of the Barefoot charity, a proud mother and absolutely stunning. Her secret to brains and beauty is very simple: don’t ever settle, keep pushing forwards. It would be so easy for her to take a back seat and never have to work another day in her life, but she always makes sure she has a project on the go. The most meaningful of her projects is the charity Pies Descalzos, which she founded when she was just 19. The charity has opened six schools in rural areas, which provide an education to the children that need them the most. Her other secret? Sun block. Every single day.


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