Healthcare Marketing: Post COVID 19 Steps You Need To Take

Healthcare Marketing: Post COVID 19 Steps You Need To Take

The coronavirus pandemic had brought the world face-to-face with a situation it was not prepared to deal with. Nations realized that social distancing is the key to combat this deadly virus. With this aim, governments across the globe opted for either partial or complete lockdown.

Today, months down the line, we have finally come to terms with this new normal. To arrive at an optimization between combating the virus and reviving the economy, lockdown restrictions are being taken away. With that, we are taking baby steps towards a post COVID world.

Many things in this post COVID world will never be the same as before. Healthcare marketing is one such field that is at the center stage of the change. As the healthcare marketing business model undergoes the metamorphosis, here are 5 steps that you must follow to survive the change.

Understand the Changing Trends

While the situation brought forth by coronavirus is indeed unfortunate, the adoption of technology is indeed in the right direction.  The need to avoid crowded places has led Baby Boomers and older people to finally take to the digital world.

From searching up product reviews top making a purchase, everything is now digital. In this situation, an efficient way for a pharmaceutical company or healthcare product developer to catch the attention of the people is to make a digital presence.

Blogs, website content, and reviews are things people will search for when they are looking for information about your product or brand. However, considering the dwindling attention span of the average person combined with access to higher bandwidth, videos are better consumed by most people. Healthcare brands that leverage on this changing trend by using a digital ad maker will have the edge over their competitors.

Fix your Website Speed

Once you have a video advertisement that has been created to your liking, you will put it up on social media. People who like the video will further share the video, thereby increasing its reach.

Now, let us consider a situation wherein your marketing video appears on the timeline of a prospective client. They view the video, like it, and then follow the link in the video description to arrive at your website. Here, if your site speed is slow, then chances are that the prospective customer will lose interest, and all your marketing efforts will go on vain.

To avoid letting such a thing happen to your brand, check your site speed, and compare it with that your competitors who cater to the same target group. If your figures are significantly lesser than that of your competitors, reach out to your in-house developer to chalk out ways of fixing this. Understand that in a post-COVID world, more people will prefer online transactions, and your business needs to be prepared for the same.

Ask for Reviews

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought in an air of cautiousness. Today, people want to know everything about a healthcare product or service before they opt for it. In this situation, the easiest way to gain the trust of potential patients is to have your existing satisfied patients tell their stories.

If a patient tells you that they are happy with your product or service, request them if they can put it in as a review. You can also go for an automated review system wherein patients who give you a good rating are automatically sent a mail with all the necessary links to be able to review you. If you want to take things a notch higher, you may even consider using an updated online video editing tool to create video testimonials of satisfied patients.

Work on Reputation Management

No matter how great you are at your job, there will be some patients (or their families) who will be dissatisfied with your product or service. In a post COVID world, how you respond to negative criticism can make or break your business.

Most review platforms allow businesses to respond directly to comments. Be polite and considerate while responding to such reviews and ensure that you do not come off as defensive. Respond as quickly as possible, and if there is any issue reported in the review, mention your steps of resolving the same in your reply.

If the resolution is taking a long time, keep the reviewer updated on the progress. Such proactive measures on your part may tempt the reviewer to change his or her opinion and update the same. Even if the review is not changed, such proactive reputation management techniques will catch the attention of potential patients and help you earn their trust (despite the bad review given by someone else).

Leverage the Power of Social Media

With the pandemic in place, people are spending more time at home, and a significant fraction of their social interactions happen via social media. With your potential clients spending a long time on various social media platforms, you can leverage on that to boost your business.

Ideally, the social media strategy of a healthcare brand should begin with creating quality videos. Invest your efforts in creating engaging videos. Then, indulge in organic social media promotion wherein you (and your employees) share such videos on YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

If your marketing budget permits, opt for paid promotions as well.  These have a high return on investment as they help your promotional videos reach people who are looking for similar services.

The healthcare industry is one that is based on the foundation of care and compassion. The conventional marketing techniques wherein you follow up with your patients after a procedure to enquire about their physical health still holds good in a post-pandemic world. 

Such small gestures of care go a long way in earning the trust of customers and ensuring that your brand is marketed through positive word-of-mouth. As your healthcare organization rises to the marketing challenges of a post-COVID word, here’s wishing that you do not detour from the path of unhindered compassion and dedication in caregiving.

Jeffrey Olmsted

Jeffrey likes to write about health and fitness topics, being a champion fitness instructor in the past.

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