Health News: Child Vaccination Mandate in Italy Controversial Subject

Health News: Child Vaccination Mandate in Italy Controversial Subject

In Rome, Italy there are two parties which have different opinions on who should decide if a child should be vaccinated. One of them thinks that because the government has access to medical information, they should create immunization programs contrary to the other party who thinks parents know what is best for their children. Even though vaccine regulations are different from a European country to a European country, Italy has got itself in a limbo situation.

In March a new law came into effect which requires children to have ten vaccinations in order to be enrolled in a state-run nursery school. This law confuses the Italian parents. That obligation was voted to be removed a week ago by the upper house of parliament. However, the lower house also needs to approve it to become a law.

What is left to do?

Until everything settles, parents will only need to declare the vaccination of their children in writing. It is still unclear whether the lack of this declaration will stop children from going to school.

Why is this happening?

The reason behind all this chaos is the surge that happens last year with more than 5,000 measles cases. It was the second most significant outbreak in Europe, so the government under the lead of the Democratic Party decided to implement a bill of mandatory vaccinations.

What is next?

At the moment Luigi Di Maio, the leader of the 5-Star Movement along with Matteo Salvini who leads the League are in power. They have the goal to do away the law.

Salvini himself confessed that he vaccinated his children, this is a recent political rally in a town near Florence. This made him believe parents should choose whether their children need a vaccine. es, he also does not agree with the number of vaccines required for the enrollment of the children in school.


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