Hangovers — Why They Appear and How to Combat Them

Hangovers — Why They Appear and How to Combat Them

Everybody wishes for the perfect night out, with lots of drinks and no hangover in the morning, right? Unfortunately, the hangover or veisalgia is with us since the discovery of alcohol. At the same time, you wish not to have a headache, but nature comes and has a word. Our body is built that way, and every external factor that enters our body will be meet with resistance. The human body has a way of protecting itself from any injury and threat.

When you drink, the first organ that is fighting with alcohol is the liver. The liver has to break down what your drink for the kidneys. The kidneys then must clear all the nasty liquid you have drunk. So far, so good, but the hangover, you will ask? Well, the body has an inflammatory reaction and a metabolic reaction that will intervene.

Moreover, the hangovers will be different from one person to another and the volume of alcohol that each one drinks. But the natural process of your body when it faces the alcohol comes like this. First, you will have a raise in your blood alcohol levels, then the organs and functions that will fight to break it down.

How to Combat Hangovers

What you drink has ethanol and acetaldehyde in their composition, which are damaging for the cells, proteins, and DNA. Because the body is trying to protect himself, the enzymes will work faster to metabolize every drop of alcohol.

So, the hangover will come after all your ethanol levels will drop after the metabolic process. Besides this, the alcohol, like any other foreign substances, is affecting your neurotransmitter systems, such as dopamine, serotonin, and glutamate from your brain. Your body tissues will inflame as well as the healthy gut bacteria. Now combine all of this, and the result will be a hangover.

To sum up, after a hard party with lots of alcohol, the next day you will feel exhausted, irritated and can’t manage to do something at all. It is normal because your body is repairing. What can you do to speed up the recovery? The first thing is to limitate your alcohol intake, drink a lot of water, and take anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen. Scientifically speaking, there is no cure for a hangover. The only thing studied was the Chinese herbal called dihydromyricetin, which is working against alcohol metabolism and is reducing the toxic levels.


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