Guan Xiaotong’s Mother Won’t Accept Luhan as a Son-in-Law Because She Believes He Had Cosmetic Surgery

Guan Xiaotong’s Mother Won’t Accept Luhan as a Son-in-Law Because She Believes He Had Cosmetic Surgery

Back in October, former EXO member Luhan admitted he was in a relationship with Guan Xiaotong by posting on Weibo ‘Hello everyone. Let me introduce my girlfriend to you’ and showing a picture of her.

But now they have made fans go crazy over a new statement: the couple wants to get married. However, it seems that they’re facing some difficulties.

Guan Xiaotong, also known as Traey Miley is 20 years old and a very famous actress in China. Both Guan Xiaotong and Luhan will play together in a drama next year.

This year’s drama is a real life issue: Guan Xiaotong’s mother doesn’t want her daughter to marry Luhan.

The Chinese news outlet, reported that the couple’s facing some difficulties, as Guan Xiaotong’s mother is not pleased about their plans.

Guan Xiaotong and Luhan have only started dating about a couple of months ago and it might be the reason why her mother wouldn’t agree to the marriage.

Three Quests to Be Fulfilled

It seems that her mother wants a certain son-in-law that would have three important characteristics.

First of all, he must be a responsible man. The other two are more about his appearance: he must be naturally handsome and must not look feminine.

Guan Xiaotong’s mother didn’t think that Luhan met the last two requirements at all. There is no official news about Luhan having cosmetic surgery, but it was rumored to be true. The singer’s aspect is the image of a ‘flower boy’, with a feminine aspect rather than masculine.

Another reason why her mother opposed the couple’s marriage is because her daughter is too young and should marry after reaching the age of 28.

In November there were other rumors about Guan Xiaotong which pointed out that she might be pregnant. Would that be the reason behind the fast marriage plans?


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