GTA V Gets New Dragon Ball Mod That Allows Players To Teleport

GTA V Gets New Dragon Ball Mod That Allows Players To Teleport


The already well-respected modder JulioNIB has released a Dragon Ball mod for GTA V. The mod is still work-in-progress, but it allows players to fly, teleport and Ki Blast themselves. This superhero mod also allows players to tear up the LA cityscape from land or sky with the use of DB powers and moves.

The Dragon Ball mod

Los Santos residents do not stand a chance against the mighty Saiyan Goku and his superpowers. JulioNIB has been posting videos on YouTube of the exciting new mod. By far the most appreciated new feature so far is the Ki blast to teleportation. Goku can also go around the city’s streets lightning up everything using Destructo Discs. This is not the first Dragon Ball mod added to GTA V.

Other great GTA V mods

According to GTA V fans, some great mods that need to be checked out are: the Gravity Gun Script, the Vehicle Controller script, the FOV Mod, the Nice Fly script, the Car Cannon script, the North Yankton Loader, the Mobile Radio script, the Ragdoll on Demand Mod and the Customize Plate script.

The Vehicle control script mod allows players to leave the engine of a vehicle running and the driver’s door open. This is very helpful for quick getaways. Toggle cruise control, pop the hood and trunk option and signal turn are also new perks.

The Gravity sun script allows GTA V players to aim at target really far away and shot them.

DrDaxxy modder released the FOV mod, which allows players to set their own custom FOV.

Players can sail through the air in different directions thanks to the Nice Fly script.

Perhaps one of the craziest scripts out there is the car Cannon script, which allows the player to fire a stream of cars and trucks at their target.


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