Greenpeace Co-Founder, Dr. Patrick Moore Addresses The Climate Scam Agenda

Greenpeace Co-Founder, Dr. Patrick Moore Addresses The Climate Scam Agenda

Accoridng to the latest reports, it seems that Greenpeace co-founder, Dr. Patrick Moore has something important to say about he climate agenda. Check out the latest reports below.

Addressing the climate scam 

Here’s the relevant tweet that will shed more light on the issue.

A follower posted this: “Please think for a moment. Dr. Patrick Moore helped found Greenpeace. He obviously cares deeply about this and knows a lot certainly. We should at least listen carefully to what he says.”

Someone else shared the following: “Combine this with a recent white paper I reviewed showing ESG and climate change are inextricably linked. We discussed at length how ESG is a ruse, misleading many and full of supposition and opinion. Both hyped for the benefit of few under the guise of helping many.”

Another person posted this: “The Earth revolves around the Sun as it’s a part of the Solar System. In my own non-scientist mind, CO2 is not causing the global warming but the massive Sun as we revolve around it. The only climate change I know is the 4 seasons we have, that we get warmer when the Earth tilts down and makes us exposed to the Sun and eventually tilts up making us away from the Sun and we get cooler while the southern part of the world gets the opposite temperature of what season we are in. The relative position of the Earth towards the Sun determines our temperature. The CO2 is utilized by the plants and trees too, and if we irradicate it, the plants and trees will not survive. To have plants and trees is the safest way to reduce carbon in my non-scientist mind opinion.”

More on climate scam craziness

The climate craziness continues. It’s been just revealed that there’s a new report saying that rice is bad for the environment. This is beyond crazy, as rice feeds about half of the planet’s people.

Rice is accused of destroying the planet 

“A recent report has revealed that rice accounts for approximately ten percent of all global emissions of methane, trapping around 80 times more heat than carbon dioxide. Experts have suggested that if nations around the world want to effectively address greenhouse gas emissions, they will need to take a serious look at rice,” Human Events notes.

AFP news reported that a tenth of the planet’s emissions has nothing to do with “belching cows or landfills,” but that rice is the culprit.

A 2014 study from climate scientists took aim at rice, a crop that happens to keep roughly half of the planet from starving. The claim is that the cultivation of rice is responsible for ten percent of global emissions, thus causing more heat in the atmosphere. Though this may be the case, rice remains a staple food for much of the planet. Climate scientists have yet to offer up an alternative that could realistically replace rice around the world.

The report also noted that “480 million metric tons of milled rice is produced annually,” which is not going to be easy to replace, according to the same reports. 

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