Green Tea Beer is Now a Thing Thanks to a Couple of Edinburgh Businesses

Green Tea Beer is Now a Thing Thanks to a Couple of Edinburgh Businesses

If you’ve been searching for something new to drink, then you should try the green tea flavored beer. It all came alive after two businesses from Edinburgh started their collaboration.

Barney’s Beer and Eteaket innovate beer and hope that drinkers will try their new concoction.

If you’re curious about the taste, we’re here to help you imagine it: it’s a blend between jasmine, green tea and pale ale. This type of beer is very unusual among brewers, and Barney’s Beer explains the whole process that happens in their microbrewery.

Andrew Barnett, Barney’s Beer founder explains that their beer is ‘based on our Extra Pale beer but is ‘dry-hopped’ with jasmine and green tea, post-fermentation, in addition to hops’.

Eteaket and Barney’s Unusual Beer

The beer has a light and refreshing taste which both Angela Lyons from Eteaket and Andrew Barnett wanted to create.

Angela Lyons said that ‘Barney’s Beer felt that a quality green tea would work well with their beer, and we were keen to experiment with our Japanese Gyokuro green tea as we were about to travel to Japan on a tea trip’.

The beer is called Mount Fuji and has used inspiration from Japanese lands for their bottle label. You will notice that the label shows a mountain top covered in snow, representing Shizuoka – the place where the Japanese green tea is cultivated. The artwork has been designed by the illustrator from Summerhall, Ryoko Tamura.

Partnering Up To Create Innovative Beverages

The whole process that included creating the beer and delivering it to customers in its final stage engaged more than these two businesses. There have been others that helped in creating the beer: Peter Dibdin (Edinburgh photographer) and designer Stewart Armstrong.

Angela Lyons admits that ‘working together, you can come up with some great innovative products, plus you’re marketing to customers of both businesses which helps drive sales’.

So far, both Eteaket and Barney’s Beer have collaborated with other partners and delivered innovative beverages that have been successful so far: Isle of Harris Gin tea, Tomatin Whisky tea (Eteaket and Scottish businesses) and Barney’s Beer also collaborated with artists like John Byrne, the band Idlewild and different festivals, surprising many people with their beers that came with a twist.


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