Google Play Services 11.9.43 Beta APK Download Improves the Overall Android User Experience

Google Play Services 11.9.43 Beta APK Download Improves the Overall Android User Experience

Play Services is the app that keeps Google’s Android operating system alive. This app is responsible for making the Android user experience more immersive and it also stores important settings such as user account authentication passwords and high or low graphics settings for mobile games. Although, the most important thing that Play Services does is the fact that it allows other apps to update themselves automatically.

Google Play Services 11.9.43 Beta APK

Considering how important Play Services is to every Android smartphone, Google is always publishing new updates which improve its performance. Therefore, Android fans should download all the latest Play Services updates as soon as they are available.

With that said, the reason we are talking about Play Services today is because a new update has just been made available for download. The update is exclusive to beta users and the APK version of it can be downloaded right now.

Android Package Kits

As previously mentioned, this update is available in form of APK. This means that even though Google has not started rolling it out to the wide public, eager Android fans can download it manually and install it ahead of time.

Also, worth noting that this update is exclusive to beta enlisted users. Luckily, Google allows anyone who owns an eligible smartphone to enlist in its beta program and the only thing it asks in return is feedback. This is a small price to pay in exchange for receiving all the latest Android updates ahead of everyone else.

Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

The update’s changelog states that this APK has been specially developed to improve Play Services’ overall performance with the addition of bug fixes and under the hood tweaks. Nonetheless, Google needs to make sure that Play Store is always running smooth and this is exactly what this update does.


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