Google Play Protect Test Failed But Future Improvements Will Soon Be Available

Google Play Protect Test Failed But Future Improvements Will Soon Be Available

Google’s antivirus testing product has failed its first big test. Google Play Protect has been tested by the German lab AV-TEST and the results indicated that the product stopped only 65.8 % of new malware and 79.2% of old malware. The results are low considering the fact that other products specialized in protecting PC from malware have scored 99 % in both categories (20 of them).

Google Play Protect

This program was created as a solution for users not having to install a third-party AV to protect their computer. Google Play Protect was introduced last summer for Android devices using apps such as Google Play or Gmail. Features are bundled together and examined whether they came from Google Play. The security program checks all apps from Play Store as a plain to protect users against malicious apps. Sometimes some malicious apps are not detected, but even if they get installed, Google Play Protect will still scan them and will warn users if security concerns appear. Updates are scanned as well.

Learn to install Google Play Protect

Those who want to install this antivirus app instead of using a third party one can head to the phone’s settings options, choose Google, then Security and then Google Play Protect/ Verify Apps. The service can also be disabled from the same page. Sometimes the service could activate automatically depending on the user’s security settings.

Google Pay Protect will improve soon

Despite the fact that the software needs much improvement, it is a promising feature offered by Google. And as most of us already know, the American tech giant always works on improving its services.

Some alternative Android antivirus products which scored 99% at the AV-TEST are Avast Mobile Security, Bitdefender Mobile Security, McAfee and Norton Mobile Security.


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