Google Maps’ New Update Comes with the Idea of Not Waiting for a Restaurant Table Ever Again

Google Maps’ New Update Comes with the Idea of Not Waiting for a Restaurant Table Ever Again

Google has updated its Google Maps application on iOS, and the new function should allow you to never line outside a dinner for a table.

About the new feature

The turn-by-turn route application incorporates another element, with its 4.47 version, which shows the average waiting time for more than a million restaurants.

As indicated by Engadget, Google Maps will show the data when clients look for a restaurant inside the route application.

Those running the most recent iOS version will now have the capacity to see the normal wait time to get a table.

This data is shown underneath a chart that shows how busy your picked restaurant is through the span of the day.

This will be to a great degree supportive in cases where restaurants don’t take reservations, or in the event that you are somewhere new and you need to discover a place immediately.

It has information regarding public transport, too

What’s more, the new update additionally incorporates a boatload of new data when going on public transport.

Google Maps will now show voyagers which entrance they need to take for public transport stations.

About the wheelchair available routes

The most recent Google Maps update comes days after Google Maps included wheelchair available routes, a choice made when voyaging by means of public transit.

In city centres, buses and trains are frequently the ideal approach to get around, which introduces a test for individuals who utilize wheelchairs or with other mobility problems.

Data about which stations and courses are wheelchair friendly isn’t generally promptly accessible or simple to discover.

The component has just shown up in six major cities: London, New York, Tokyo, Mexico City, Boston, and Sydney.

Google’s anticipating working with extra travel offices in the future, to convey more wheelchair available courses to Google Maps.

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