Google Earth – UFO Crash Stated as a Nature Phenomenon

Google Earth – UFO Crash Stated as a Nature Phenomenon

Fact or Fiction

The image below is now the latest hype among UFO believers – or not. A supposition launched by a YouTube channel specialized in theories of conspiracy made a video that went viral over night – 760.000 hits and people watching so-called evidence of a crashed UFO.

Google Earth gives a picture with a stranded, full of snow island all the way back to Antarctica. The fuss is all about a certain piece of material, perhaps, that tumbled down the snow.

If you zoom out to get a better look and an overall image, the trace takes us back to the crest of a mountain. At the bottom of the mountain there looks as if a pile of snow was curdled.

Coming Back Down to Earth

Approved bodies working in the geology field give a feedback to the mysterious ‘UFO’, stating that it’s most probably  ‘Earth’ being at its finest, or, thinking bigger, a blizzard causing an avalanche.

As a background to the YouTube channel and conspiracy theories, the people behind it confronted a lot of reproval and have been accused of running low-standard research, inducing false and malicious beliefs to, therefore, take advantage of their clicks, views that could be cataloged as click-baits.

Dealing With this Kind of Strange Appearances

There should be always room for questioning, for putting side by side what science really came up front for us, focus on facts and admit that many times, the Earth is just granting us with spectacular views, sceneries we shouldn’t turn into fantasies in the next second. We can watch nature as it is and as it grows on its own, discovering animals, plants, even lights in the most out of the ordinary way. For now, let’s just take a step back, get informed, and not put every strange-but beautiful- appearance in the name of UFO’s.


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