Google Earth Discovery Through Trained Eyes: Ancient Structures

Google Earth Discovery Through Trained Eyes: Ancient Structures

Google Earth is a program which renders a 3D representation of Planet Earth and ever since its release in 2001; it has unveiled a number of mysteries. Thanks to Google Earth, an Australian professor of archeology has managed to make various archeological findings in Saudi Arabia. The catch is that he never visited the country.

Google Earth helps archeology professor uncover ancient structures

A professor of archeology from the University of Western Australia has used images from Google Earth to discover hundreds of ancient structures. David Kennedy has analyzed Google Earth images with the Saudi Arabian desert and uncovered several structures measuring around 50 cm high and even 500 m long. It is unknown so far why the structures were built and what purpose they served, but Professor Kennedy believes their age is around 2,000 and 9,000 years old.

Professor Kennedy has a trained eye

Thanks to Google Earth plenty of mysteries have been unraveled. The discovery made by Professor Kennedy was also possible due to the fact that he has a trained eye. He has made several travels in Jordan over the years and thus he was able to spot the structures by merely looking at images.

He was in Perth, Australia when a Saudi doctor asked him to take a look at those Google Earth images. Professor Kennedy spotted the structures and called them “gates”.

The discovered gates are in the desert, in arid areas which are known for their lack of hospitability and vegetation. Thanks to high resolution satellite images, another archeological discovery has been made.

So far, Professor Kennedy does not know with what to associate those structures and said that he has never seen anything like that before.

It seems that Google Earth serves many purposes.


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