Google Earth Body has been Discovered in Springfield on St. James Avenue

Google Earth Body has been Discovered in Springfield on St. James Avenue

The police were surprised to find a body in Springfield, Massachusetts on Google Earth. The body was discovered behind the Big Y on 1090  St. James Avenue, at the bottom of a steep cliff that has a brook below it. The discovery took place on Saturday around 10:53 a.m., and around 11:00 the medical personnel were already on their way to assess the body.

The death does not look suspicious so far

At a first look, it appears that the police have no reason to be skeptical since there is nothing that indicates that it was a murder or anything suspicious. It might have been an accident or a suicide, but it is too early to say that yet. Springfield Fire Spokesman Dennis Leger agrees with these theories and he added that it is very likely that the man may have slipped and the fall killed him.

Springfield Police Spokesman Ryan Walsh declared that they are still waiting for an official report: “”At this point, it does not appear suspicious, but we’re awaiting the Medical Examiner’s final say on that.”

About the victim

The rescuers needed two hours in order to retrieve the body of the 50 years old man. We do not know yet anything about the relatives of the man, nor if he had a family or not. The name of the man has not been made public and it remains to see if anything new will appear in the following days.

Hopefully, some solutions will be found so that tragic accidents like this one won’t happen again in the future. Some signs that warn the people could be a good idea, or officials could even consider a small fence placed on the cliff so that no one can fall.


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