Going Vegan does not necessarily imply losing weight

Going Vegan does not necessarily imply losing weight

Contrary to popular belief, people do not go vegan in order to lose weight and look better. In this article, we will present some eating tips so that you do not lose weight while being vegan.

Perhaps a very good example of a vegan celebrity is David Carter. The football player managed to reach his goal weight of 300 pounds by only eating vegan. The clue is in eating the right stuff and proportions.

Tips and tricks for vegans or future vegans

If you stop eating dairy products, meat, eggs etc. but do not replace the fat, protein and calories with other products, then of course you will lose weight.

Below you will find a list of “super food”, that is products which can make up the lost calories and are also very healthy.

Number one on the list is definitely the avocado. The fruit is dense and full of nutrients. You can eat it sliced on top of your vegan bread, use it for soups or stews or just use it for making the famous guacamole.

Nuts and seeds are also your best friends. They represent great snacks and they give you an energy boost when needed. Feel free to add them on top of your salads.

Potatoes and beans: contrary to popular belief, potatoes are good for you and beans even more so. Puree them or make stews and soups, veggie burgers and anything else you might think of.

Dried fruits are also a healthy and good snack if you are a vegan. Keep a small amount in your bag and enjoy them any time you feel hungry.

As a last tip, if you do not want to lose weight and maybe even want to gain some, then remember to focus on eating whole foods, rich in calories.


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