Google Earth Outreach and Aclima Show Air Pollution Levels

Google Earth Outreach and Aclima Show Air Pollution Levels

Google has been doing its part to help the environment and humans at the same time by measuring air pollution levels. Together with the environment tech firm Aclima, Google Earth send out cars across California to measure the air pollution levels and afterwards the finding were mapped for everyone to consult.

Google Earth Outreach collaborated with Aclima for a better world

The duo managed to calculate the air quality of the San Francisco Bay, Los Angeles and the Central valley of California. In order to reach this performance, 4,000 hours were spend by employees inside Google View Street cars and more than 100,000 miles were covered.

The information on air pollution is very important for the general public, but also for the Government and the scientific community.

Karin Tucen-Bettman, Google Earth Outreach program manager, has explained that the information displayed by Google Earth can be used by scientists and air pollution specialists to help the local organizations and to advice the Government on how to improve the air quality and what solutions could be adopted.

Thanks to the tools and technology used, Google Earth can show traffic on local streets and freeways and the weather patterns. The weather patterns are important to determine the levels of air pollution. By analyzing these data scientists could implement methods to develop smarter and more sustainable cities and improve air quality.

Google has decided to offer all collected data to scientists in order to help the community. Also, the American tech giant will continue with the initiative in other parts of the U.S and the world.

Wild fires have been a problem in California and many people lost their homes and some lost their lives. After the fires are put out, air pollution is a serious consequence threatening the community’s life quality.


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