Go to the Dentist More Often, it Can Save Your Life

Go to the Dentist More Often, it Can Save Your Life

Nurse Sandy Wexler went to her dental specialist in 2012 for normal teeth cleaning. Amid the exam, her dentist paused for a minute to feel the sides of her face, jaw and neck, searching for indications of the oropharyngeal tumor, which is a kind of disease that happens at the back of the mouth or the top of the throat. Her dentist saw an augmented lymph hub on the right side of Wexler’s neck and sent Sandy to see her doctor.

It was metastatic squamous cell oropharyngeal tumor

Following a period of time of radiation and chemotherapy at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Wexler was sans malignancy. Be that as it may, had she not seen her dentist at that moment, Wexler won’t be alive today.

She said she acknowledged her dentist for saving her life on the grounds that else it could have been six more months before this could have been analyzed and discovered.

How many cases of an oral tumour will be analyzed this year?

The American Cancer Society appraises that there will be 51,540 new instances of an oral tumor and oropharyngeal disease analyzed for the current year and 10,030 deaths from them. The U.S. Habitats for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has noticed that an oropharyngeal tumor is on the ascent.

As specialists of oral health, dental specialists see the mouth as a window to general wellbeing and, as for Wexler’s situation, can recognize signs which show a disease.

This implies that even more and more dentists are chatting with patients about medical problems that may, at the first glance, appear to be irrelevant, however, can really influence oral wellbeing. Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination is one such theme. Indeed, the American Dental Association has banded together with MD Anderson with an end goal to enhance public and expert training about the HPV vaccine and HPV-related tumours.


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    What a thoroughly freat post Go to the Dentist More Often was. Right from the start to finish. I would never have an issue with attending the dentist, until the last few years at least lol. I am so happy for her that a mundane trip to the dentist actually helped to save her life.

    It just goes to show how simple, seemingly unrelated actions can have a good effect on us.



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