Global Warming Creates A Vicious Cycle Of Instability

Global Warming Creates A Vicious Cycle Of Instability

Climate change is becoming undeniable. The added carbon in the atmosphere acts like a blanket, warming the planet even further. It’s not just humans who are being affected by this warmer climate: many animals, like bees and butterflies, are being killed off as they struggle to survive in habitats that are becoming drier and more inhospitable. The inability of regions to recover from such extreme weather events leads to another serious problem for humanity: food insecurity.

New MIT study reveals that global warming can create in fact more warming, leading to an increasing unstability of the planet. The research, published in Science Advances, looked at the “asymmetry of extreme Cenozoic climate–carbon cycle events”, looking at paleoclimate records from that period to better understand climate change.

In this era the Earth experienced global warming as cooling events were less extreme than warming events. Therefore, scientists believe that the multiplier effect might represent an important cause for global warming. Moderate warming can increase the warming of the planet until it reaches high levels.

“The Northern Hemisphere ice sheet is shrinking and can disappear as a long-term result of human behavior. Our research suggests that this may make the Earth’s climate fundamentally extreme and long-term vulnerable. global warming An event as seen in the geological past,” declared Arnscheidt Constantin, the lead author of the study and a a graduate student at the School of Earth, Atmosphere and Planetary Sciences from MIT.

Climate scientists have been cataloging its impacts for years now, and it’s been widely accepted as a fact now. Yet many people are stubbornly resistant to accept the reality of climate change and its severity, opting instead for short-term solutions that mostly involve mitigation efforts and efforts to adapt to climate change. It remains to see whether humanity will manage to survive this crisis.

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