Getting to know Marijuana Seeds: what it entails?

Getting to know Marijuana Seeds: what it entails?

Cannabis is the plant whose flowers are used to produce the very popular and highly legalised drug, weed. Many consumers prefer buying marijuana seeds and growing it themselves. It helps to control quality and gives the joy of reaping your grown harvest. In this regard, the consumption of self-grown cannabis can prove to be extremely rewarding.

In many countries where weed is legalised, marijuana seeds is not a very strenuous thing to acquire. However, there is still some caution and expertise demanded to grow the plants up till their final yield.

Regulations concerning marijuana seeds

State regulations are the first thing to be kept in mind while purchasing marijuana seeds. In places where cannabis are legal plus there are no restrictions on home-grown produce, you can buy them from a licensed dispensary. Better still, you can avail them through an online retailer or a brick-and-mortar store.

Knowing which breed to cultivate

You must weigh out your options and purchase the right kind of seeds in the right category. The assortment of options might seem overwhelming for a beginner.

There are three categories of the plant – indica, sativa and hybrid. Knowing the properties of each is essential to reap the desired harvest. Decide whether you need to grow them indoors or outdoors, the quantity in which you would be needing them and their usage. Finalise the requirements and buy accordingly.

Marijuana seeds are of three types – feminised, autoflowers and regular. Feminised seeds are those which produce only female plants. Such flowers contain no seeds and yield high-quality weed. Autoflowers require little to no attention and have a smaller blooming span making them an instant hit among cultivators. Regular seeds are capable of producing both male and female strains of the plants.

Where to buy marijuana seeds

Buying seeds online is probably the simplest way to get marijuana seeds. Online retailers often provide a more exhaustive catalogue at bargainable prices. 

Risks include laws concerning international shipping along with the quality and reliability of the product. Royal Queen Seeds is an online retail platform providing high quality, dependable and an assorted range of marijuana seeds. One could find detailed information on the strains and their properties on their site 

There are certain questions you should answer before buying:

  • What is the content of CBD and THC expected in the strain cultivated?
  • Are the seeds capable of growing into mature plants with higher yields?
  • Do the seeds serve a medicinal or recreational purpose?

Buying marijuana seeds is much like buying anything else. With its growing popularity getting the seeds and cultivating them indoors is no difficult feat. With reliable online retailers such as Royal Queen Seeds, purchasing them is easier now than ever. It is advisable to revise well, research all the options and choose what works best for you.


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