You Should Get You’re Flu Vaccine Even Though You’re Over 65-Year-Old

You Should Get You’re Flu Vaccine Even Though You’re Over 65-Year-Old

The US is still ‘under attack’ by the flu virus and it seems like not going to stop anytime soon. Unfortunately, many myths are surrounding the flu vaccines and, thus, many people are not getting their shots. However, the CDC and other health experts say that you should get your flu vaccine even though you’re over 65-year-old.

Some vaccines-related myths are not for the benefit of the people

One of the most popular myths among the adults is that the flu vaccines are only for children, sick people, and very old folks. Nothing wronger than that! The flu vaccines are for every person, regardless of age or health conditions. A flu shot is the most effective way, at the moment, to get protected against the different strains of the flu virus.

Another myth is related to the low effectiveness of the flu shots. Even if this could be true, some protection against flu viruses is better than no protection at all.

There is also the myth that says that flu vaccines are enough for people over 65-year-old. However, those of over 65-year-old are also prone to pneumococcal pneumonia. You can get your protection against this condition only through vaccination.

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends vaccination not only against influenza but also against pneumococcal pneumonia,” according to Dr. Raul Isturiz from Pfizer.

The 2018 flu season is far from being ended

This year’s flu season was the harshest one in the last decade. The pediatric death toll reached to over 80 in the US, while the flu-related deaths in adult populations are estimated at over 200. The confirmed flu cases increased to about 200,000 but the CDC considers that the real number is way bigger since many people with flu didn’t present to doctors.

Flu vaccine remains the best protection against flu and the CDC experts recommend everyone to get their flu shots.


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