Get Fit After 50 By Following These Easy Tips From Trainers

Get Fit After 50 By Following These Easy Tips From Trainers

Did you know that after 35, you begin to lose anywhere from 3 to 5 % of your body mass annually? Well, that doesn’t mean you should feel discouraged about doing something about that.

Following an exercising routine is easier when you’re 20 or 30, but how about after 50? Getting fit shouldn’t be a problem at all as we age. A proper training routine can get you where you want and avoid specific health issues. 

Remember to discuss with a specialist first to find out the best exercising routine for you. What works for a person might not have the same effects for you.

Here are only a few tips backed by top trainers for getting in shape and following a healthy routine.

Take Daily Walks

You always need to stay active during the day if you want to stay in shape. After all, our bodies are meant to walk, not just sit all day. So, make sure you walk every 90 minutes or so. 

TIP: take the stairs or park farther away in the parking lot.

Find Your Exercising Buddy

It’s not like there’s a thing only for people over 50. Nobody likes to work out alone. 

Finding a buddy to exercise with will make you work out more regularly. Even a dog can lift your spirits up high!

As per a study published in APA PsycNey, joining a fitness class or following an exercising routine with your friends will also make everything more fun. 

Stretch More

“As our bodies age, our tendons get thicker and less elastic; […] stretch slowly; do not force it by bouncing,” recommends Raj Deu, MD, a sports medicine expert at Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Not stretching at all could put your body at risk of injury!

Try Some Tai Chi

A recent study published in Annals of Internal Medicine discovered something genuinely intriguing about tai chi. 

People who performed tai chi lost weight overall, especially body fat around their waist. This technique can also improve sleep quality, the immune system, improve symptoms of congestive heart failure, and enhance overall well-being. 



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