Get a Free Bluechew Trial Sample with This Coupon Code

Get a Free Bluechew Trial Sample with This Coupon Code

We’ve all had some trouble in the bedroom. It doesn’t matter if you’re 21 or 71, hiccups happen. That’s okay! There’s nothing wrong with any of that. Somehow, we have it in our head that, as men, we have to be on all the time, 24/7 as if our life is a late-night public access channel. That’s all fantasy. As humans, we have so much variability in our physiology. Some are taller, some are broader, and some have impossibly long arms. We are all different. But when it comes to sex, we’re all expected to be adult film actors. Well, with Bluechew, we don’t have to worry about those issues. We can maximize all the potential we have with a single, easy to consume, and ready dose. Better yet, you can get it free.

Try out Bluechew

As far as offers go, not very many give out products for free. That’s kind of goes against the majority of business models out there for physical products. But Bluechew is a little different. You can get a free Bluechew trial sample online right from the source. So instead of having to dole out all that cash, only to find out that it doesn’t work that well for you, you can see how it reacts to you before any kind of commitment. It’s like taking a car out for a test drive. How do you know you’d like the coupe over the sedan? You’ve got to take it for a spin. Try it out by yourself or with a partner.

Okay, How?

Bluechew is a subscription model male enhancement company. That means that you pay a monthly fee, and they send you a new batch monthly. You don’t even have to think about it. It just shows up. Since people normally have to pay out upfront, to even get the service, a free trial is pretty much a free product in this situation. All it takes is a coupon code. Once you put in the coupon code, it calculates how much you owe for that month.

It should come out to zero. So when you get the package in the mail, you’ll have that extra kick of knowing that it didn’t cost you a dime—one thing you have to remember, though. You’re still buying a subscription. That subscription rolls over. So if you want to continue getting the product, just leave it alone. It’s a massively superior male enhancement pill. After that first dose, you’ll know.

Anatomy of an Erection

So let’s step away from all this “free stuff” talk and get to the nitty-gritty science of the matter. How do erections work? What are the structures and the tissues involved in getting and maintaining an erection? Well, human erection is one of the unique natural phenomena on earth. It can be triggered by a whole host of things and hindered by just as many factors. We all have our kinks and predilections that other people can’t even fathom. That’s the mental aspect of the erection.

On the physical side, an erection is merely blood filling up erectile tissues in the penis. These two fibromuscular tissues are called the corpus cavernosum and the corpus spongiosum. Chemical signals in the brain tell the body to release compounds redirecting blood to the area via arteries and arterioles. The tissues get filled with blood, hence the erection, but what keeps the blood there is even more interesting. The veins of the penis are located on the surface of the erectile tissues, right under a fibrous sheath. Remember, veins bring blood back to the heart. So it’s the veins that work to bring the erection down. When your penis is filled with blood, those veins get pinched against the fibrous sheath, blocking the return of blood.

What Makes Bluechew Different?

Bluechew is one of the most trusted brands out there. Why? Because it has clinically proven ingredients that have even been cleared by the FDA and have been used for decades. None of that “centuries of Ayurvedic use in the jungles of Asia” nonsense. We’re talking clear cut, continuously researched science. The active ingredient in Bluechew is the same that you find in Viagra or Cialis.

The main difference is in the mode of delivery. Bluechew is a gum. This means that the active ingredient is absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the membranes in your mouth. Do you know why it takes Viagra an hour to kick in? It’s got to go through your stomach, survive the acids, get to your small intestine, get absorbed through the villi, and then make its rounds to your bloodstream. Not Bluechew. Bluechew goes right to the source.

Why Choose Bluechew

As men, we don’t like having to admit that we have a problem. We could have half of our arm hanging off, and we’d tell everyone, “don’t worry about it”. This same sentiment gets magnified ten-fold if it has to do with sexual performance. With traditional pills, you have to go to a doctor and have that awkward talk about how you’re having trouble getting or maintaining an erection. Plus, in our insurance-controlled world, we can’t choose who it will be.

We’d all like to think that doctors are objective, but try having a young good looking doctor stare you in the face while you tell them about how your young self has some performance anxiety. No, that’s too much. Bluechew does everything online. Their physicians and medical protocols are designed with your comfort in mind. You’re still subject to the physician’s approval. It’s just not painfully awkward. It’s a wonder why other issues aren’t solved this way.

It’s in 2020. If you’ve got a problem, ask a professional. We’re all adults here, there’s no shame in it. Thankfully we have ways to make the process seamless and easy. On top of that, they’re willing to give you a whole month free with a special coupon code. What’s not to love about Bluechew? Get ahead of whatever the issue is and get your confidence back. It’s never too late or too early to start.

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