George Soros Bankrolls Mysterious Institution In Effort To Flip Texas to Democrats

George Soros Bankrolls Mysterious Institution In Effort To Flip Texas to Democrats

It has been just revealed that the famous George Soros is making tough efforts in order to flip Texas to Democrats. Check out the latest reports about this below.

Soros makes efforts to flip Texas to Democrats

Financier George Soros is providing significant financial support to a Texas-based organization that aims to establish progressive infrastructure across the Lone Star State to assist the election of more Democrats.

The records reviewed by Fox News Digital indicate that George Soros’s Democracy PAC II has contributed $750,000 to the Texas Majority PAC during the first half of this year.

The state filings of the Texas Majority PAC reveal that the group raised $752,040 during that time, which implies that Soros has played a significant part in its funding. However, the Texas Majority PAC has been operating covertly, and there is minimal information available about the group online.

The group registered in December 2022, and its website at is not easily located on search engines such as Google. Even on its website, the organization provides very limited information about its operations.

The non-transparent organization is currently searching for candidates to fill three roles on the Gain Power job site, which aims to promote progressive policies.

The positions include grants manager, San Antonio programs manager, and Dallas-Fort Worth programs manager. These job postings provide some insight into the organization’s goals, as it plans to strengthen left-wing political networks in Texas in order to challenge the Republican Party’s dominance in the region.

“Texas Majority PAC is a research and development institution dedicated to flipping Texas blue by building year-round Democratic infrastructure in the key regions of Texas,” the postings say. “TMP invests in partners running voter engagement and turnout programs in an effort to bring their work to the scale required to win statewide office in Texas.”

It is not clear yet how the group will operate or which organizations it will team up with to achieve its objectives. Its financial report for the first half of the year shows that it has spent $600,000 from January to June.

The expenses include payments to left-leaning advisers, travel costs, subscription services, and other operational expenditures.

Furthermore, the group’s financial records reveal that it has a related non-profit organization called Texas Majority.

State documents indicate that the non-profit was established one day before the Texas Majority PAC in December.

The Texas Majority PAC donated $11,600 to the Texas Majority non-profit earlier this year, according to the records. Like the PAC, the non-profit has remained relatively unknown.

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