George Floyd’s Full Autopsy Has Been Made Public

George Floyd’s Full Autopsy Has Been Made Public

George Floyd’s autopsy has been made public. It seems that we were not told the whole truth and nothing but the truth after all. Check out the latest reports revealed by the popular Matt Wallace.

Check out the tweet that he just shared:

The note that Twitter added besides this post is the following:

“This autopsy was released in 2020, the Medical Examiner Dr. Andrew Baker testified that “subdual, restraint and neck compression” was the main cause for Floyd’s death.”

Matt Wallace continued and posted this message: “Community notes off yet again. There were two autopsy reports… the one I posted today is the now fully released FIRST one done by third-party individual. The second one was carried out through the family themselves who had a large financial incentive. Which report do you trust?”

Peter Schiff hopped in the comments and shared the following: “You can’t find this story anywhere on mainstream media. Also, it wasn’t just the drugs that killed him, but his underlying medical condition that the drugs aggravated. Sure, the added stress of the arrested made it worse, but that was not the fault of the arresting officers.”

A few days ago, Yahoo News revealed the fact that one of the most vocal bystanders as a Minneapolis police officer murdered George Floyd three years ago is suing the city, alleging he was assaulted and suffered emotional distress as he witnessed the handcuffed Black man beg for his life, go limp and stop breathing.

Donald Williams of Minneapolis filed the lawsuit Tuesday in Hennepin County District Court. Stay tuned for more news about the issue. 

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