Gay Conversion Therapy To Be Banned In Alberta

Gay Conversion Therapy To Be Banned In Alberta

A bill aiming to ban the controversial gay conversion therapy in Alberta is set up by an Edmonton MLA, to the satisfaction of LGBTQ advocated who applauded the initiative. The treatment which targets to change a person’s sexual orientation was already accepted in Ontario, while Nova Scotia is planning on adopting it soon.

“Conversion therapy is a form of therapy that would take an LGBTQ+ person and try to change them from not being part of that community anymore. It can be done in many forms, in my understanding,” stated Edmonton-Castle Downs MLA Nicole Goehring.

However, according to the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA), “the scientific research does not support the efficacy of conversion or reparative therapy,” referring to the gay conversion therapy. Thus, the CPA opposes this type of treatment to change a person’s sexual orientation.

The bill is now under development after the LGBTQ advocates, community members, families, and so on brought their concerns to Nicole Goehring.

Alberta is going to ban gay conversion therapy

“At this point, the language is still being drafted. We’re still doing the consultation, and I really want to make sure that I get it right and have a full understanding of what needs to be part of the language of this bill,” stated Nicole Goehring.

The measure also aims to put an end to discriminatory across Canada and focus on keeping people safe regardless of their sexual orientation.

“We want to make sure that we’re ending a discriminatory practice, focusing on saving lives and keeping people safe,” Goehring added.

Allegedly, the controversial gay conversion therapy is causing some psychological issues, while people who underwent similar conversion therapies addressing other issues, however, have ended up traumatized or with PTSD.

“We know that it is harmful and causes trauma. I know that in my work with PTSD awareness, we‘ve heard that people that have gone through conversion therapy are traumatized. And this legislation could save lives,” Nicole Goehring concluded.


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