Rumors About The Sim 5 Release Data And Features Have Emerged

Rumors About The Sim 5 Release Data And Features Have Emerged

The Sims 4 was a real successful title in EA’s franchise. Plus, the add-ons, the updates, and, especially, the Cats And Dogs pack were well-received by gamers. Probably wishing to create another top game for the franchise, Electronic Arts announced the release of The Sims 5. However, no official release date and information about the gameplay are available.

The Sims 4 is still bringing new players, as accordingly to EA representatives the game increases its gamers database by 35% each year. That’s, in fact, the reason why EA brought lots of add-ons and updates to The Sims 4.

Also, The Sims franchise community is very solid, so, a future title in the series is only meant to be positively received by gamers.

The rumors regarding The Sims 5 release date

The Sims 4 was announced in May 2013 and hit the stores’ shelves in September 2014.

Taking that as a piece of evidence, some people rumored that the future title, The Sims 5, will be available somewhen in 2019.

However, the game has just been announced, so it might take more time for EA to release The Sims 5 with all the features expected by gamers, whose wishes will be, most probably, respected by the EA’s developers.

The rumors regarding The Sims 5 gameplay and features

The Sims 4 had some new social features plus that the gamers were able to move their in-game houses to another location with all its goods.

However, the future The Sims 5 is rumored to be more realistic in terms of relationships between the Sims, presenting more real-life situations in the game, with their ups and downs.

It is expected to have better graphics and animations, as well as better simulation of the real-life situations and high-quality characters.

The new features in The Sims 5 may be improved characters creation and design (body modifications, facial textures, skin tone, eye color, extra makeup), new furniture (modular beds), new house elements to choose (windows, doors, stairs, basements, and so on).

It is also believed that the new The Sims 5 will come with new animations and sound effects, plus 3D effects.


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