Overwatch Year Of The Dog Event: Soon Coming With a New Map

Overwatch Year Of The Dog Event: Soon Coming With a New Map

The Year of the Dog, also a seasonal event in Overwatch has just been released. On 7 February, Blizzard has announced some new features. Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan told the public that they will add a new map for this event, which is set in Thailand.

According to Jeff Kaplan the new map it’s ‘absolutely gorgeous’. It features two sides: one has an ancient temple and the other is modern, ‘bright and beautiful’.

It’s the first time when Blizzard has specifically created a new map for the Capture the Flag mode that will return in the Year of the Dog event.

‘Capture the Flag’ Mode Has New Rules

Blizzard is known to have a tight connection to their player base, and after receiving feedback from the fans, Capture the Flag will have some changes. One change would be the lack of ties. Instead, these matches will go to sudden death if both sides are tied when the match ends. For sudden death, both flags will get close to the center of the map. When the match starts again, teams will be forced to play on a smaller ground.

And there’s more! Picking up the flag has never been more difficult. Even though you can instantly pick it up now, you will also drop it when using some abilities that involve either mobility or invulnerability. An ability like a leap or a jump will cause you to drop the flag.

This means that the games will be fast paced and full of action, focusing on building a stronger offense. Kaplan also suggested that with these restrictions, games don’t end in sudden death.

The new Capture the Flag mode will also be available for a four-week competitive season. Players that get in the top 500 will get a special icon and spray.

Six legendary skins will be introduced in the Year of the Dog event – two of the heroes to receive new legendary skins are Mercy and Genji. Moreover, Kaplan said that they add a new highlight intro for one of the heroes.

The Year of the Dog event has just appeared today and it’s available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. So, log into the game and check out all the new content!


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