New Xbox Backwards Compatible Titles For Xbox One

New Xbox Backwards Compatible Titles For Xbox One

Xbox Backwards Compatibility is a project that allows players to enjoy classic Xbox 360 titles on the newer Xbox One.

However, it is obvious that not every Xbox 360 title needs to be “updated” to the Xbox One console. But, as for the last three additions of the team in charge of Backwards Compatibility titles, there can only a positive vibe.

Spec-Ops: The Line

A shooter that has passed ignored by the many but loved by the few, Spec-Ops: The Line tells the story of Captain Martin Walker who is sent to the “apocalyptic” Dubai on a recon mission. Unfortunately for him but luckily for the players, some events force Walker and his Delta Force team to deal with something much more complicated than a simple recon mission.

Definitely, Spec-Ops: The Line is a title you should consider playing.

The Darkness 2

The sequel to “The Darkness” video game, this one was even better. With more FPS action, new features, and new characters’ abilities, The Darkness 2 was well received by gamers and critics.

The game offered players the opportunity to play in a solo campaign, as well as in an extra co-op campaign.

Another title you should play on your Xbox One.

The Misadventures of P. B. Winterbottom

This game is looking neat even though it is just an arcade-adventure game in which the main character, P. B. Winterbottom, is jumping in the adventure of his life just to collect… pies.

Don’t get it wrong, though, the game is not emphasizing the story or the graphics but is underlining the idea of a game of arcade-adventure, as many puzzles have to be solved and traps have to be avoided using Winterbottom’s abilities of time manipulation and replication of himself.

This one is also a must play on Xbox One, even though is of another category than the first two titles presented above.

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