Monster Hunter: World Update 1.05 Available for PS4 and Xbox One

Monster Hunter: World Update 1.05 Available for PS4 and Xbox One

Today Monster Hunter: World has just received a new patch that comes with great content, especially for those that missed squadplay and the Celebration Pack.

Players can now download the Monster Hunter: World update 1.05 and play on their PS4 ore Xbox One. The update also contains a lot of bug fixes. There are also some problems that have been fixed: players could join even though they weren’t invited to squads; there were also some connection issues for players.

The update will also wipe some data, as Capcom stated:

‘As a result of this fix, players who were affected by this bug will have all of their squad data reset. Additionally, players in squads whose squad leaders have their data reset will also see any affiliated data disappear the next time they log in.’

So, you will have to reform squads or check out which player’s data got lost and reinvite them.

Let’s check out some more fixes and changes in the following patch notes:

  • 5 Million Celebration Item Pack
  • Some players were unable to claim the ‘5 Million Celebration Item Pack’ – fixed.
  • This item pack is available until 22 February.
  • Decoration Fixes
  • In some conditions, decorations were lost – fixed.
  • The decorations tab got hidden when selecting items with the option ‘sell items’ – fixed.

Some more relevant changes and fixed include ammo and fixes for quests:

Normal Ammo, Pierce Ammo and all elemental ammo have their power changed. Slicing ammo has been reduced, as well as its effect when it hits other players.

You can now hold only 30 Slashberries in your pouch. If you have more than 30 Slashberries in your item pouch, you can use the extra ones.

Some quests had bugs: the quest ‘Flying Sparks: Tobi-Kadachi’ didn’t appear on the quest board od you left to do a different quest while speaking with Chief Botanist.

A rare bug would cause the characters to get out of control after completing a quest when some sub-menus from start menu were open.

Xbox One Issues Are Getting Solved

There are also some changes on Xbox One, where matchmaking has had some issues. Capcom’s development team works a lot to solve all issues in the ‘Matchmake’ option. Here is what Capcom recommends if you experience these issues:

If you cannot connect to other hunters through the ‘Matchmake’ option, ‘you may still be able to create online lobbies, join others’ lobbies via “Filter Search”, “Invite a Friend”, connect via Xbox One LFG, or join hunts by using the “Respond to SOS” feature.’

Another solution, according to Capcom that found out what other players have tried to do, is to set the NAT connection settings to ‘Open’ on the Xbox One.

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