Horizon: Zero Dawn Started as a Two Player Co-op, But Players Would Have Experienced Half Its Actual Features

Horizon: Zero Dawn Started as a Two Player Co-op, But Players Would Have Experienced Half Its Actual Features

In a recent YouTube interview, Guerrilla Games game director Mathijs De Jonge has some news and insight on how they created Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Early Concepts, Two-Player Co-Op, A Huge Map and Other Features

Mathijs De Jonge has stated that for Horizon: Zero Dawn they had more features, such as a two player co-op gameplay. Their game prototype was with two players and he recalls ‘that was quite nice to see’.

But programmers stepped in and said that for a co-op gameplay, they’d have to cut off half of the features instead of delivering 100% of them, so the final version of the game got 100% features in favor of co-op. De Jonge admitted that they’d rather have 100% for the first game of the franchise than having to cut it for co-op.

Another interesting fact we’ve learned from the interview is that in the beginning, the map in Horizon: Zero Dawn was fifty times bigger! But as it required a lot more content, it got shrunk.

The game development took long to finish, as the combat had to be made to feel good. Soon after the core combat system was worked on and finished by a small team, it took Guerrilla two years to finish the largest part of the game.

After being released to the public, Horizon: Zero Dawn received an expansion: The Frozen Wilds. There is a new story, with a new area, and enemies, skills and weapons are also new. Guerrilla Games have added, according to the reviewers ‘a worthy expansion of the open world game’.

The game mechanics are the same, but you can see the effort of introducing a lot of content, so it no longer is an issue. For the Horizon: Zero Dawn fans, it’s a great expansion, highly recommended by reviewers.

We might see a sequel in the future, but nothing official has been revealed.


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