GTA 6 And Call Of Duty Black-Ops IV – Rumors

GTA 6 And Call Of Duty Black-Ops IV – Rumors

The world of video games is boiling right now as new great games are expected in the future but nothing is official about their gameplay, new features, or release dates. However, there is a plenty of rumors regarding those aspects. Let’s see the latest rumors about the new features in Rockstar’s GTA 6 and Treyarch’s Call Of Duty Black-Ops 4, two future titles of the most appreciated games franchises in the world.

GTA 6 Rumors – Female character and “one big world”

Possible to be released in 2020, hopefully, earlier, GTA 6 announces to be a great game. At least, could be the best in the series.

There’s nothing official yet, but there are rumors. Plenty of rumors, though.

Benzies, the former Rockstar president, already told that the GTA 6 may contain one big world made of all the cities from the previous titles.

However, users would love to see a female protagonist. This could actually happen as there have been some rumors saying that it will be a woman as the main character in GTA 6 and it will be played by Eva Mendes.

Call Of Duty Black-Ops 4 Rumors – Realism will be back

Treyarch tweeted recently that they’re looking forward to the year ahead. Even though this could mean anything, some rumors emerged stating that this could mean the launch of a new title of their Black-Ops franchise.

According to these rumors, the next Call Of Duty Black-Ops 4 could be set in the 90s or in the 2000s.

Not many gamers know, though, that, actually, the Call Of Duty Black-Ops franchise already has four titles, in terms of storyline. The fourth one is Call Of Duty World At War and presents the story of Viktor Reznov, a protagonist in the first two Black-Ops titles, during the World War II.

In conclusion, we’ll have to wait for some official news but wouldn’t be great if these rumors on GTA 6 and Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 will be proven true?

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