Grand Theft Auto Online Valentine’s Day Update – New Mods With Rewards And Big Discounts

Grand Theft Auto Online Valentine’s Day Update – New Mods With Rewards And Big Discounts

Grand Theft Auto Online is already a lovely game appreciated by many players from all over the world. What makes it even more special is that, in the special days of the year, it brings specific updates. Now, GTA Online Valentine’s Day Update comes with huge rewards and bonuses.

A special car for a special Valentine’s Day, Vapid Hustler (check the pic above) can be found at Legendary Motorsports.

GTA Online Valentine’s Day Update New Modes And Discounts

In the Rockstar’s press release this morning have been presented in short the new 5 seasonally modes that come with this Valentine’s Day update for GTA Online.

Till Death Do Us Part

Up to 4 couples will play in this new mode. The catch is that each couple shares one single life. So, if your partner dies, so do you.


One Slasher armed with a shotgun hunts up to seven hunted players who only posses flashlights. After exactly 3 minutes the players get shotguns to use to hunt the Slasher down.


Two teams fighting and killing each other. However, there’s a catch. You can bring your friend back to life by killing one player of the opposite team. Don’t forget that this will work both ways and you’ll not win until you kill every single player of the opposite team. Anytime an opponent kills one of your team, one player on his team will be resurrected.


Thwart your enemies while driving the lightning fast Nagasaki Shotaro. As you drive in the arena you emit a beam of light that can devastate your opponents immediately if they get onto your trails.

Lost versus Damned

Angels fighting Demons.

Day and Night switch every 60 seconds and there are regenerating Armours and Health. Plus, there are also some weapons improvements but they depend on the period of the in-game day.

During the Night, the Devils’ weaponry gets upgraded, while during the Day, the Angels’ ones get improved.


The new GTA Online Valentine’s Day update comes with in-game shop discounts of 25-35% on cars, Dinasty8, and clothes & accessories.


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