God of War Made It To The NBA

God of War Made It To The NBA

God Of War has been innovatively promoted by Sony during an NBA game.

God Of War Made It To The NBA

With the announcement of the release date for the new God of War, Sony Interactive Entertainment has also launched a huge marketing campaign to promote this game.

And since we all are already accustomed to regular TV commercials and Internet ads, Sony went even further, promoting God of War in a new innovative way.

Namely, in the break of an NBA basketball game, a combination of video sequence projections on the playing surface and videos displayed on the scoreboard was created to promote the future God Of War 4 release.

The New God Of War Storyline And Features

In the future God Of War, although Kratos returns as the main hero, we will have to deal with a new face of this character.

The ruthless Spartan has changed, has aged, has a child now, and is capable of mastering the anger that characterized him in the latest games of the series.

The action will take place in a world dominated by the elements of the Nordic mythology, in which Kratos’s main objective is no longer the vengeance at all costs, but the protection and education of his own child.

In fact, the game follows Kratos as he is passing his heritage to his son, metaphorically speaking.

Of course, there will be spectacular battles and bloody executions, both being characteristic of the series, but the storyline and the gameplay will contain new elements.

Also, the formula of the fixed camera, characteristic for FPS, from the previous games of the series was abandoned in favor of a third person classic perspective, while elements of RPG games will also be available.

The God Of War Release Date

God of War 4 is set to be released on April 20th, 2018, exclusively for PlayStation 4.


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