DayZ Will Make Its Way to Xbox One and PlayStation 4

DayZ Will Make Its Way to Xbox One and PlayStation 4

DayZ has gathered quite a huge fan base on PC and it wasn’t long until it would make its way to consoles. But the news was a shock to players. Bohemia Interactive has confirmed that they’ve been working on the game for Xbox One.

Soon, DayZ will be a part of the Game Preview program for the Xbox One. As for a PlayStation 4, we might see it released, but sometime in the future.

‘Is This True?’ – Developers on Twitter Responded

A fan on Twitter thought that he’d find out the truth by asking the developers if the DayZ will really come to Xbox One or PlayStation 4. This is how the developers answered:

‘Yes! Coming to Xbox Game Preview at some point this year, we’re not sure about PS4 yet, but we’ll release there too, eventually – just don’t know when yet.’

Both Microsoft and Sony would like to get more PC gamers to the console world and, looking at how famous PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has become for Microsoft, we’re sure they would pursue promoting DayZ.

As for Sony and their PlayStation 4, we’d have to wait about a year to know something for certain regarding DayZ and a probable release.

The team behind DayZ has been working a lot for the PC version, constantly adding new content to their latest important update (0.63). Players will see new abilities in combat, swimming, maps and some vehicles are going to be implemented as well. At the moment, the update is not live, but it will be released this spring.

More Information on DayZ on Consoles

We will surely hear more about DayZ on consoles at E3, probably from Microsoft, when they will announce the Game Preview program and what games will be joining it.

Until then, Microsoft will focus on rolling out updates on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which is also good news.


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