The future is not looking good for those parents refusing to vaccinate their children

The future is not looking good for those parents refusing to vaccinate their children

Worldwide many parents have started a war against vaccines and refuse to vaccinate their kids. However, this practice has triggered measles outbreak and countries such as Italy or Australia are taking measures.

Plenty believe that by refusing to vaccinate their children, those parents should receive a punishment because not only they are endangering their children but also other people’s kids.

A mass campaign against anti-vaccinators has started

In the European Union and Australia authorities and the general public are tired of those parents refusing to immunize their children. Fines and other charged are going to be applied to those who do not allow their children to get the shots. The same might apply for educational establishments which allow this situation.

A quick account of several countries

Germany is one of the countries which decided to take action vaccine-refusing parents. The German Parliament passed a law which forced kindergarten administrators to report those parents who do not vaccinate their children. Those parents can be fined with just about 3000 $.

France’s health ministry prepares 11 vaccines instead of the current three they apply for tetanus, diphtheria and polio.

The Italian Parliament has approved a law which makes 10 of the vaccines mandatory for all children up to 16 years of age or else parents face a fine of about 600 $.

In South Australia, the government is planning of not allowing unvaccinated children attend day care and preschool. Those establishments admitting unvaccinated children could receive a fine up to 24,000 $.

The U.S on vaccine laws

The states in the U.S which have tougher laws also have lower rated of vaccine refusals. Although all 50 states have laws regarding immunization, 18 of them allows children not to get shots because of religious beliefs.


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