Frightening NASA Map Illustrates Aerosol Clouds over the Whole World

Frightening NASA Map Illustrates Aerosol Clouds over the Whole World

Based on a recent image released by NASA, it seems that the atmosphere of our planet is filled with harmful droplets and particles of aerosols. This new map illustrates in three different colors how certain substances cover the cities, oceans, mountains, deserts and ice caps.

A scary illustration of our planet

In order to create this map, a simulation model called the Goddard Earth Observing System Forward Processing was used. This tool merged data about aerosols from different satellites, such as Aura, Aqua, Suomi NPP and Terra with information that was gathered by sensors on the ground. This is how this visualization was created on 23rd of August.

So what can you see in the map? The red color represents black carbon particles, the dust is depicted in purple, while blue is indicating sea salt aerosols. The carbon particles are made of pure carbon that was created through the unfinished combustion of fossil fuels and biomass, and they are extremely dangerous.

The problems that Earth is facing are displayed in the visualization

In the map created by the space agency we can also observe some processes and problems that our planet is facing at the present time. Therefore, we can witness some events that took place on the ground on 23rd of August, such as the start of the tropical cyclones Cimaron and Soulik towards Japan and South Korea, as well as the approach of the Hurricane Lane cyclone on the Hawaiian lands.

Some other events that are depicted in the image are the seasonal smoke across central Africa and the effects of the wildfires over North America. These illustrated phenomena pose a great concern, as scientists have mentioned before. All these environmental events are worsening because of the alarming global warming and it appears that in this year alone, there were 118 all-time heat records across the world.

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