France Tackles Historic Drought – No Drinking Water Available in Over 100 Municipalities

France Tackles Historic Drought – No Drinking Water Available in Over 100 Municipalities

French authorities are looking for solutions as the European country is facing the worst drought that was recorded. The situation is so difficult that more than 100 municipalities in France are left with no drinking water, according to the BBC.

The good news is that the French government is already acting to tackle the problem in the affected areas. Water is being transported to the municipalities that are in need of it. In large portions of France’s surface, irrigation has been forbidden in order to conserve water.

There are concerns that the drought can lead to food shortages as well, as it can reduce crop yields.

Temperatures reach 40 degrees Celsius

The temperatures in France are also unbearable. As perhaps everybody already suspects, the terrible situation has to do with global warming. A new report from France24 tells us more:

France’s Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne said as euronews quotes:

The exceptional drought that we are currently experiencing is depriving many municipalities of water and is a tragedy for our farmers, our ecosystems and biodiversity.

Christophe Béchu said while he visited the town of Roumoules, and as the same source quotes:

There are already more than a hundred municipalities in France that today have no more drinking water, and for which supplies are being transported by truck to these municipalities because there is nothing left in the pipes.

Perhaps the worst part of the entire scenario is that the drought is expected to continue in France for at least a few more weeks.

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