France Just Banned Short-Haul Flights! Find Out Why

France Just Banned Short-Haul Flights! Find Out Why

France’s latest decision has a lot of people talking. Check out the latest reports about the motivation for which the country did this.

France bans short-haul flights

It’s been just revealed the fact that a French ban on domestic short-haul flights when alternative train journeys exist came into force this week, with one lawmaker hailing it as “an essential step” in the country’s efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

“The law, which was published via decree, essentially prohibits public internal flights between French destinations when a train journey of under 2 hours and 30 minutes is available,” the notes coming from CNBC note. 

France is home to an extensive high-speed rail network. According to a CNBC translation, the flight substitution applies only when train travel “provides a satisfactory alternative service.”

It means public passenger flights between Paris-Orly and cities like Bordeaux, Nantes and Lyon, are affected by the law. Connecting flights are not impacted.

In a statement translated by CNBC, Clément Beaune, transport minister, described the move as “an essential step and a strong symbol in the policy of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

Beaune also said the ban was a “global first that is fully in line with the Government’s policy of encouraging the use of modes of transportation that emit fewer greenhouse gases.”

It seems that more countries could do the same thing. 

Someone commented: “These clowns couldn’t run a chippy, let alone a government. I tried traveling by train in the UK last week when I was there. It’s a very expensive joke. Perhaps they should spend more time trying to shut down their #WEF meeting which would ground a lot of private jets!”

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