Former Google Engineer Claims That Humans Will Become Immortal

Former Google Engineer Claims That Humans Will Become Immortal

Who wants to be in the “eternal life business”? Everyone, perhaps? The concept of somehow surviving death in a non-physical form has been one of the key faiths in the main religions of the world. It’s extremely hard and frustrating to accept that one day, we will all die, and we will be completely unconscious for eternity. But what if there is a way to evade death?

One thing’s for sure: throughout history, thanks to various genius minds, humans have learned how to extend their lifespan and cure numerous diseases that would have otherwise killed them. So why wouldn’t it be possible, one day, for us to become immortal or at least live much more than the average life expectancy nowadays?

A former Google engineer shares the same level of optimism, and Daily Mail brings details.

Humans will become immortal in 8 years, says Ray Kurzweil

Ray Kurzweil is the former Google engineer who now brings an incredible prediction: in just 8 years, humans will learn how to evade death. He believes that the so-called ‘nanobots’ will be able to grant us eternal life. These nanobots will supposedly be able to repair cells and tissues that have deteriorated due to the aging of our bodies.

The nanobots will likely represent the outcome of the immense work in fields such as robotics, genetics, and nanotechnology.


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Kurzweil also spoke about the hypothesis of sending thoughts through the internet, stating as Daily Mail quotes:

Ultimately, it will affect everything,

We’re going to be able to meet the physical needs of all humans. We’re going to expand our minds and exemplify these artistic qualities that we value.

What’s for sure is that only time will tell for sure if the former Google engineer is right in his claims or not. Hopefully, we’ll get to see his ideas put into practice or failing miserably. 


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