Former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson Warned About Secret Satanic Groups [Video]

Former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson Warned About Secret Satanic Groups [Video]

The former FBI chief Ted Gunderson warned people a while ago about the secret satanic groups. Check out the mind-blowing video that has been shared a lot on X these days.

Former FBI chief sounded the alarm a long time ago

Retired FBI chief Ted Gunderson explains secret societies & groups within the government, a “Shadow Government.”

Ted has done many seminars informing the public about child trafficking & how our government is complicit in it; here in this video, he speaks about politicians being blackmailed with drugs & sex. Even goes on to talk about how private schools in Nebraska (The Franklin Cover-up) were sending boys & girls on private jets to DC for sex parties with powerful people.

Someone commented: “Around 30 minutes he begins explaining how the CIA makes terrorists in other countries look like Sunday school class, then goes on to talk about MK-Ultra, no wonder all his videos are hidden.”

Another follower said: “Yep, they want government control of everything, wild how many people have warned of this over the years, this was 96.”

Here is another interesting video that you should watch:

Back in December, I was writing that eventually, the FBI decided to confirm Pizzagate. Check out the latest terrifying reports about this below.

FBI confirms Pizzagate

There are a lot of official reports that address the matter these days.

An important tweet reveals the following info: “As of November 13, 2023, the @ FBIconfirmed the use of pizza as a CSAM (child sexual abuse material) pedophile code with the arrest of Clinton Harden (a Texas A&M University @TAMU Senior Administrative Coordinator) for the receipt and possession of child phonography via case 4:23-MJ-02048. ”

Special Agent Dimitri L. Willis who is working at the FBI notes that he received law enforcement training at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia.
“Portions of my duties are dedicated to investigating cases involving violent crimes against children. Since becoming a Special Agent, I have investigated and worked with experienced Special Agents who also investigate child exploitation offenses. In the performance of my duties, I have investigated and assisted in the investigation of matters involving the possession, collection, production, advertisement, receipt, and transportation of images of child pornography.”

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