Florida Teen’s Last Wish To Marry His High-School Girlfriend Will Come True

Florida Teen’s Last Wish To Marry His High-School Girlfriend Will Come True

Dustin Snyder, from Florida, has the last wish to marry his high-school sweetheart, as long as he is still alive to do it. The 19-year-old boy suffers from last-stage cancer, but he desperately wants to fulfill his last wish. Fortunately, it will come true, as the wedding will take place very soon.

Even if he is only 19, Dustin Snyder is living his final moments of life, as according to the doctors, the young man can enjoy life for only a few more weeks, until the multiple tumors are triggered.

Doctors treated Snyder’s cancer and everything looked OK until three weeks ago when he felt a severe pain. After the check-up at the hospital, Snyder was announced that cancer remitted affecting his lungs.

“He made a chemo and worked for a while, but the disease has surrounded his lungs too much. I will remain deeply grateful, a blessing is going to happen, I am excited,” the boy’s sweetheart said.

Dustin and his girlfriend, Sierra, have been dating for two years, but their love story has become viral in Florida. In this regard, several people have had the initiative to complete the young man’s last wish and have raised the funds for the wedding.

A GoFundMe page was created to help the young couple pay for their wedding. More than $19,500 has been raised until yesterday.

Even more, other people, impressed by the teens’ true love story, contributed to the event with the location for the wedding, wedding rings, and dress.

Snyder admitted that his sweetheart’s love for him is the best thing in his life and that she has always been by his side since the beginning. On the other hand, Sierra has declared that they will always be together in their hearts, for better or for worse, no matter what.

Sometimes, the truth is stranger than fiction, and the two teens’ love story proves it.


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