Florida Surgeon Mistakenly Removes a Kidney, Believed that it was a Tumor

Florida Surgeon Mistakenly Removes a Kidney, Believed that it was a Tumor

After a horrific car accident, Maureen Pacheco checked into the Wellington Regional Hospital in order to have the bones in her lower back surgically fixed. During the operation, the surgeon believed that one of her kidneys was a in fact a tumor and he decided to remove it on the spot, according to official documents that were featured in lawsuit. The event took place in April 2016.

Ramon Vasquez, the surgeon implied in the case, wasn’t even supposed to perform the back surgery in the first place. All he had to do was to make the first incision, in order for orthopedic surgeons to be able to perform the operation. After making the incision, Vasquez observed the kidney and called for an emergency operation. While recovering from the operation the patient was shocked to learn that the operation took place without her consent, and that one of her healthy kidneys had been removed.

The surgeon is now under investigation after Florida’s Department of Health filled a formal complaint against him. Vazquez had a clean record until Pacheco filled a malpractice claim. The case was settled since the litigation would have been lengthy but according to his lawyer Vasquez refused to admit any liability.

The two primary surgeons were also forced to pay as their malpractice insurance company settled for $ 250.000 apiece, abiding to official regulations. The back operation was supposed to take place through the front of her body. Vasquez, a general surgeon, was asked by his colleagues to perform the initial incision, a common practice in most hospitals.

After a ‘’presumptive diagnosis’’ in which he mentions that he thought that the patient had a malign pelvic mass, Vasquez clipped and removed the supposed tumor.

What he saw was in fact a pelvic kidney, which occurs when kidneys fail to ascend to their normal position during the fetal period.

Vasquez may have his license revoked and he will be forced to pay out of his own pocket since he did not sign malpractice insurance.


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