Flight Attendants to Be at High Risk to Get Cancer

Flight Attendants to Be at High Risk to Get Cancer

There’s a new study that shows that flight attendants can suffer from many types of cancer than all the other people in the world.
The researchers dug a bit to find data from about 5,300 flight attendants, and then compared it with data from nearly 2,700 non-flight-attendants, who have similar income and education. Their health reports showed that those flight attendants who were female had a risk of breast cancer with about 50% more than those women who were not flighted attendants. Also, melanoma rates were two times higher; non-melanoma skin cancer found its rate at about 10% higher.

Not only flight attendants, though

But not only flight attendants were on this list. Air cabin crew members found their higher chance of thyroid, cervix, uterus, gastrointestinal system cancer (this includes esophageal, stomach, liver, colon and pancreatic cancers).

It’s safe to say that the group of flight attendant that was put to the test had all the indications of a healthy behavior – their level of smoking was low, and the same happened with their level of obesity. The study also talks about possible reasons why they have a higher chance of cancer than the others. They found out that flight attendants are actually exposed to some well-known carcinogens, such as the US’ highest dose of cosmic ionizing radiation. This one is popular for developing breast cancer and skin cancer.

Why is this happening?

This was also explained in Times. The cosmic radiation found its origin in space. But given this, there are still small amounts that get to the Earth, and that is exposed to UV radiation and other chemical contaminants, which can be found in flame retardants and engine leakages.

Also, the circadian rhythms of the flight attendants can be disturbed by the jet lag. This disturbance is known to increase the risk of cancer.

And for the very similar reasons, pilots and frequent flyers are on the same list, with all the other people who have a higher chance of cancer.


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