Five Things to Do Immediately After a Car Accident

Five Things to Do Immediately After a Car Accident

Not everyone thinks about hiring a lawyer after having a car accident. However, if you sustain injuries in an accident that wasn’t your fault, then you should consider hiring one. Immediately after being in an accident, here are some of the things you should do.

Don’t Move if Injured

If you or another party is injured, try not to move unless you’re in a dangerous situation. If the car is on fire or you’ve been thrown from the vehicle into the road, then you may need to move if you can, if not, wait until someone can help you.

Even if your injuries seem minor, you could do more damage to yourself by moving around. So, unless it is necessary, do not leave the car or move around too much.

Call 911

If you can easily find your phone, or have a vehicle service like OnStar, contact 911 and let them know about the accident. Advise them of your injuries, so they will send an ambulance out to assist you and whomever else may have injuries.

If you’re not able to call them yourself, ask someone else to call. Chances are someone has already reported the accident but ask to make sure someone reports it. The police should be called, even for a minor accident.

Don’t Make Statements About Accident

If someone comes to ask about your condition and starts talking about the accident, try not to discuss it in detail. Don’t give anyone but the police statements about the accident. When you give the police a statement, ask to receive a copy of the accident report.

When you’re hurt, it can be hard not to talk about it, but you don’t want to accidentally say something that could be detrimental to a case if it goes to court. So, keep comments about the car accident to yourself unless speaking with police.

Hire an Attorney

While it may seem too soon to think about hiring an attorney, the other driver’s insurance company will send someone to talk to you at the hospital or your home to get a settlement as soon as possible. However, you should refer them to your car accident lawyer.

Don’t negotiate with an insurance company by yourself because you may not get a settlement that is adequate to take care of your financial needs as you recover from your injuries. An attorney will know what to ask for and help you get it.

Contact Your Insurance Company

As soon as you can, call your insurance representative about the accident. If you have injuries, notify them of the fact and about your condition. They will probably ask about what happened, so give them as much detail as you can.

Provide the company with information about the other driver if you have it. Sometimes after being hurt, you may not get the other driver’s information, but it should be in the accident report from the police.

If you’re seriously injured, you may not be in any condition to contact the insurance company or hire an attorney. Try to have someone help you and in the meantime, do not speak to the other driver’s insurance company.

They want to get the settlement as soon they can for as little as they can, but you might not get an offer that will take care of your bills while you recover. Let an attorney handle those negotiations while you’re recovering.



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