Five Relaxation Technique For Boosting Health And Reducing Stress

Five Relaxation Technique For Boosting Health And Reducing Stress

We’re faced with various stressful situations all the time, at work, at home, regarding our health, family, and so on. Such unwanted situations can range from various minor worries to more severe annoyances and issues, but no matter the cause, unfortunately, our bodies become flooded with stress hormones, which are extremely detrimental to both our physical and mental health. 

For instance, when our hearts pound, our breathing speeds up, and our muscles become tense – these are just a few of the tangible ways in which our body reacts to stress. 

Health Harward addresses this issue that’s called stress response, which is actually nothing more than the normal reaction to stressful situations. Everyday challenges that we’re faced with can and will trigger this stress response. 

Stress will also affect us at a mental level playing tricks on our memory and concentration, among others. This is where the solution enters the building, and it’s called relaxation response.

In other words, we have to find ways of dealing with stress, since we cannot develop ways to avoid sources that trigger it all the time.

Relaxation is able to reduce stress and all the symptoms that are associated with it, such as depression, memory and concentration issues, anxiety, and more severe issues. 

Here are a few relaxation techniques that can help one with stress and its aftermath.

Focusing on breath

This is one of the most important techniques that has also been mentioned by health experts. It involves taking slow, and deep breaths, and the process is also known as abdominal breathing. While you’re breathing from your abdomen, the mind becomes disengaged from all kinds of distracting thoughts. This technique will turn out especially useful for people who have eating disorders.

The relaxation response

We mentioned this technique above, and it’s interesting to learn that this has reportedly been first developed in the 1970s at Harvard Medical School by cardiologist Dr. Herbert Benson, editor of the Harvard Medical School Special Health Report Stress Management: Approaches for preventing and reducing stress. 

This involves the exact opposite of the stress response, and it’s a state of deep rest that can be achieved in lots of ways. One shortcut would be to use a product that can initiate that sense of calm and relaxation, like a Delta 9o Vape. These are safe, legal and help you to tap into that state of relaxation your body really needs. The result will be a calmer and healthier you. 

Guided imagery

This technique requires putting your mind and imagination to “work.” You will be able to free a ton of online apps and online recordings as well, which feature calming scenes and noises. The technique will conjure the images that you see on your computer or phone in your mind, and it will help you relax and focus on what really matters: your inner calmness. 

Having fun

Since we mentioned searching online for solutions, having fun via online games can also be a really simple and, most importantly, enjoyable way of relieving stress. Simple games that engage you in actions that stimulate your mind and decision making can turn out extremely helpful, especially for younger people who feel stressed but who are always willing to check out a new online game. You can find such helpful gems on, for instance. Playing games is both fun and relaxing at the same time, and as we said, this is great for younger individuals who are stressed from school and so on.

Mindfulness meditation

This is a technique that is calmer, and it involves you sitting as comfortable as possible. You will have to focus on your breathing and bringing into your mind the very present moment without focusing your attention on past issues or future worries. This is a form of meditation that has also been increasing in popularity, and some people might find it useful to battle anxiety and depression.

These are just a few of the relaxation techniques that are available these days, but they will definitely suit different types of people who are undergoing stress for various reasons depending on their age and occupation,

Pick your favourite and give it a try! 

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