Fidget Spinners Might Be Really Dangerous For Children

Fidget Spinners Might Be Really Dangerous For Children

All toys must have some safety guidance since they’re specially made for children and they are not aware of the dangers of the products. Their parents are supposed to read the instructions and tell their children what to avoid.

The fidget spinner has a safety guidance which was released by a US government body. This decision took place after reports of some incidents with battery-operated spinners which caught fire. Also to avoid choking incidents, children should not put the fidget spinners in their mouths.

There are some fidget spinners which are battery operated and can be charged, so the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (known as CPSC) have advised against charging the toys overnight or to not use other chargers than their original ones.

Fidget spinners are great for stress relief and very popular among children but also among adults. Adults should be aware of the choking risks for children and shouldn’t give the spinners to small kids because the toy can have detachable small pieces which can be risky if swallowed.

CPSC wants that all the retailers to sell the fidget spinners to children of 12 years old or above and the product has to meet some standards (US Toy Standard ASTM F963-16).

Reports of Fire Incidents Among Fidget Spinners

This June a fidget spinner that was equipped with Bluetooth in order to be able to play music, caught fire after it was left to charge for a period of 45 minutes. It burned the carpet but fortunately, it was found before it could do any more damage.

Earlier this year, another fidget spinner was left to charge and it caught fire in less than 30 minutes. This time the spinner got charged with a charger from another device, this probably being the reason for which it caught fire.

Nevertheless, consumers should check their devices while they’re getting charged so that they avoid fire hazards. Also, they should use the original charging cable which came with the product.


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