Famous Rapper gets a Stroke while performing as the main character in a Netflix movie

Famous Rapper gets a Stroke while performing as the main character in a Netflix movie

The After Party movie by Netflix has a wrong portrayal of people who experience seizures and organization that represents these people with epilepsy is not happy about this, and it is taking issue with it.

What are they aiming at?

According to Deirdre Floyd, the Canadian Epilepsy Alliance president “the portrayal of seizures in this film is inaccurate and portrays those living with seizures in a negative way.”

The film features an aspiring rapper as the main character, and after experiencing a seizure during a performance, he goes viral. The other characters nicknamed him “Seizure Boy” and they even make fun of him.

The work of the alliance is set back, and the correct information provided by them about the neurological disorder might not be taken as seriously as before after any depiction in a movie that makes all seizures look the same and mocks a seizure disorder.

The Canadian Epilepsy Alliance, according to the president, aims to educate the public about the appropriate first aid they should accord to anyone suffering from seizures depending on the type of seizure experienced.

What will happen after this?

The people who suffer from seizures and “try to lead as normal a life as possible every day” were caused damage because of the portrayal of epilepsy in the movie, according to Floyd’s letter sent to the California-based Netflix.

Similar concerns are also expressed by The U.S. Epilepsy Foundation.

The movie aimed to inspire the viewers that no matter what comes up or how much you are suffering you should never stop pursuing your dream, according to Ian Edelman, the director of the Netflix movie in case.

Unfortunately, no Netflix representative could give a comment as they could not be reached.


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